LA Live

Los Angeles, CA

Project Description

L.A. Live is a sports and entertainment district adjacent to Staples Center and the Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles. It offers restaurants, clubs, and concert venues, two major hotels, condominiums, offices, and broadcasting facilities, all within a walkable district. Aggressive event programming drives much of the success of the district, implying a need for local community oriented activities to activate the district during “non-event” days.

Environment 28/33
  • The project core is 7.68 acres while the total project area is 60.75 acres.
  • Retail land uses occupy 37% of the project while residential land uses occupy 13% of the project.
  • The average FAR for the project is 3.25.
Social 31/33
  • The project doesn’t have continuing education facilities nor health clinics.
  • On average people check-in here 2808 times per month.
  • 26.47% of people check-in here in the AM, while 73.53% of people check-in here in the PM
Financial 30/33
  • Housing vacancies sit at 30.4%, a 27.2 percentage point increase from 2000.
  • Local commercial rents are approximately $24.86/S.F., a rate larger than the county by $1.47.
  • Income in the area has increased by $7,707 in the last ten years. In comparison, the regional income has gone up by $13,287.
OVERALL 89/100

Project Location

Project Address

S Figueroa St & Chick Hearn Ct, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Score Comment

"Big blocks. Lack of residential. Great socially. Good demographics. Good transit."