This book is the result of significant contributions from a great number of people. It began in 2009 when as a team we began to study, document and compare land use patterns of urban districts with Kurt Nagle in Grid / Street / Place (published by APA Planners Press). Since then, there has been a tremendous effort put forth that has taken the initial idea of the urban district case study to a level that is much more detailed, descriptive and useful to the reader. In particular, Lance Hosey, Helen Jeffery, and Clay Starr were vital in promoting quantitative and qualitative tools (specifically environment, social, and financial metrics) to help evaluate the performance of each district. The elegant and intuitive graphic design of the book is due to the work of Cody Clark, Neha Baraskar, and Dongwei Xu. Stephen Miller was a jack of all trades, confirming case studies, assisting with editing and design, and refining the book to its current form. The website that accompanies the book was skillfully conceived and orchestrated by Ardie Aliandust, William Kwon, Tony Graves, Matthew Doll, Steven Norris, and Cory Strischek. We are also grateful for the editorial contributions of Alice Phillips and Laura Ewan. Finally, this effort would have been impossible without the vital support and vision of RTKL’s President and CEO, Lance Josal.